Welcome You To Pu Luong HillSide Lodge

Pu luong Hillside Lodge is a quite nice lodge on a hillside not far away from Pu luong mountain and located in the center of Pu luong nature reserve, about 30 kilometre from Mai Chau - Hoa Bình and about 178 kilometre from Hanoi.
We have 8 bungalows in the style of Thai ethniccity house on stilts.
Bungalows are designed with natural materials from mountains and forests to give you comfortable feeling, immerse yourself in nature and people herein. Each room has its own balcony from which you have the chance to enjoy breathtaking view of the terraced fields, the soaring mountains stretching out in Pu Luong nature reserve along with the traditional stilt houses of the black Thai People. Our lodge is an ideal place for hiking, trekking, cycling activities to explore the Puluong area away from the bustle of the city.

An unique experience
Pu Luong HillSide Lodge is not for all travelers and it is important that guests are aware of our discrepancy from other hotels and homestay models before booking. Stemming from the idea of being a Lodge is that our lodge are not on purpose equipped with televisions and some of the standard hotel services with the intent to bring you to be immersed in life, people and nature here.
Surrounded our lodge are two streams and pools that allows you to have a relax by fishing, going for a walk. We are looking forward to welcoming you all to take an experience at our lodge.
Our Lodge was built for the purpose of developing ethnic community tourism in Pu Luong. Our staff are Black Thai ethnic people who can speak English, Vietnamese and Thai fluently. Hence you have no reason to worry upon traveling here. Because we are located in the center of Pu Luong nature reserve, about 12km away from town, about 8km from the market, it is difficult to transport food to Lodge. In order to save time and distance, we have formed small farms where you can see the aquariums, organic vegetable gardens that ensure all visitors here to enjoy safe and fresh food.

How do we start up?
I am Vic. In the past, I was a freelance tour guide for several companies in Vietnam, which allowed me to take many tours to the northern highlands of Vietnam, meet with thousands of visitors from all over the world and have overnight stays at many homestays of remote mountainous ethnic minorities. After those trips, I realized that I should do something to change the lives and thoughts of the ethnic minority people. I had to do something different that to take guests to the pristine places where visitors have the opportunity to experience the life of the local people, discover the wildness of the area and stay away from the hastling life of the city.
In early 2018, we combined with the locals to execute the project and it takes nearly a year to complete the construction of bungalows to welcome guests to sleep overnight.

Social responsibility
Pu Luong HillSide Lodge was born with the mission of connecting the visitors with Pu Luong nature reserve and at the same time contributing to protect the environment to create a community that do tourism together and get benefit from those business activities on purpose of improving the lives of people here.
Joining with us means that you are taking partial contribution to sustainable tourism development in Pu Luong. We aim at cooperating with local people to do some work to protect the environment such as picking up rubbish around the villages, streams, planting more trees, teaching English for free to local people, etc. You will have the chance to participate with our activities when you travel here, saying simply that you just plant one tree, you contribute to protect the environment in Pu Luong. We are always eager to welcome you.